Multipure MP880 Aquaperform Inline Arsenic Water Filter


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The Aquaperform MP880 Aquaperform Inline arsenic water filter features a stainless steel housing and is designed for additional contaminant reduction performance, adding Arsenic V to its list of filtered contaminants. This model is designed to be connected inline with other existing hardware (e.g., existing faucet, ice maker, etc.) and does not include any specific installation parts. It can be attached to a cabinet wall below the sink with an included mounting bracket.

The Aquaperform MP880 Aquaperform inline Arsenic Water Filter is intended for installation in conjunction with other hardware (e.g., existing faucet, ice maker, bottle-less water cooler, etc.), although it can utilize compatible below-sink and countertop parts and accessories. An optional acrylic base is available separately.

The Multipure carbon block element used in the MP880Sarsenic filter combines mechanical filtration, electro-kinetic adsorption, and physical absorption to cleanse water of the contaminants that may be present in it. Nevertheless, it leaves healthy minerals in place, making the water both good-tasting and wholesome to drink.

Water enters through a graded-density pre-filter whose positive charge (acquired from the moving water stream itself) absorbs negatively-charged colloidal particles too small for mechanical filtration.

Highly compacted carbon block provides both absorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals such as benzene, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, and herbicides, but also mechanically strains out sub-micron sized debris (sand, rust, sediment, Giardia cysts, etc.). Arsenic-specific media are blended with the carbon block to reduce arsenic from the water along with other substances.

Densely compacted filter retains water for longer than usual, enabling more powerful, thorough absorption of polluting substances and thus offering extremely clean water. Channeling or bypassing can't occur because the media are too tightly packed to be pushed aside by the water.

Bacterial and fungal growth is suppressed by the dense compaction of the filter, too, because there is no room for the bacteria or fungi to grow in the half-micron spaces.

Housing: 11”h x 5.75”w

Multipure MP880 Owners Manual

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