Multipure NSF Certification

Multipure drinking water filters are NSF Certified to standards 42 for aesthetics, 53 for health effects and 58 for reverses osmosis systems. You bight be thinking what does the NSF certification mean to me? The NSF certification is an assurance of the quality, performance and integrity. Certification states:

  • The filter reduces the contaminants that the manufacturer claims it will
  • The water filter is not adding anything harmful to your drinking water
  • The water filter system is of high quality
  • The manufacturer is not misleading you with any advertising
  • The manufacturer does not change the manufacturing or materials of the water filters 


NSF does extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced facility inspections, NSF does a complete assessment of every phase of the products development before they give it the approval to be certified. The NSF certification is not a one time activity they do regular inspections of the manufacturing facility and periodic retesting of the water filters with the latest national standards.

So as you can see purchasing a NSF certified water filter can put your mind at ease knowing you purchased one that will do what it states so you and you family can enjoy a healthier life style without worrying if the filter you purchased is actually filtering what the manufacturer claims. 

Some manufactures advertise that their products are tested to NSF standards or meets NSF standards but unless their products have actually been tested by NSF you can not guarantee the products performance or quality. Sure they might have had them tested by a third party, but it is a one time deal and that third party testing company does not come back to make sure that the manufacturer keeps up with the quality of the product like the NSF certification does.

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