Multipure Drinking Water Filters



Here you can browse all of the Multipure drinking water filters.


Aquaversa drinking water systems:


There is the MP750SB Aquaversa undersink water filter, it is the most popular Multipure filter. Or the Multipure MP1200EL which is the same as the MP750SB except it has a capacity meter so you know when to change the filter.

If you already have a faucet for a water filter you can purchase the Aqauversa MP750SI. It does not come with any faucet or hardware to hook it up. It can also be used in line for a refrigerator or water cooler.

If you prefer a counterop system or just can not hook a filter permanent in line then we have the Multipure Aquaversa countertop water filter MP750SC. You will also find the Aquamini countertop filter

Multipure also has a Aqua-Dome countertop drinking water filter that is plastic instead of the stainless steel ones.


Aquaperform Drinking water filters:


If you also need to reduce arsenic from your water we have that covered also with the Multipure Aquaperform water filters. They as well just like the Aquversa come in a stainless steel undersink model with or without a capacity meter.

The MP880SB does not come with the meter and the MP880EL does, or you can purchase the MP880SI if you already have the faucet and hardware to hook it up. You will also find a countertop model MP880SC

Multipure drinking water filters come with a lifetime warranty and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.