Quality of Multipure Water Filters

We hear from customers asking why are the Multipure water filters so exspensive?

So the Multipure water filters might be a little more expensive than other brands of water filters but as you can see they are made in the USA and are NSF certified to do what Multipure claims they do. They are also certified in the states of California, Iowa and Wisconsin. They will last you a lifetime if you take care of them and change the filters as needed or annually.

Well it goes back to you get what you pay for, Multipure drinking water filters are made from high quality products and are made in the USA. The housing on the Multipure water filters alsoo have a lifetime guarantee and you also get a 90 day no questions asked guarantee. The Aquaversa, Aquadome and Aquaperform filters are NSF/ANSI certified to standards 42 for Aesthetic effects, 53 for Health Effects and the Aquaversa and Aquadome are tested to standard 401 for Incidental contaminants / Emerging Compounds. The reverse osmosis is tested to standards 58.