Multipure Countertop Water Filters

Ease of installation and removal is one of the big advantages of Multipure countertop water filters – which can be readily swapped between sinks, put away when not needed, and so on. Of course, the tradeoff is that they are out in the open, possibly making your kitchen look a bit more cluttered and occupying some of your (perhaps limited) counter space. These factors must be weighed against each other when deciding between the countertop and the undersink options. 

Currently, the company offers two different filters for this role. The Aquaversa is stainless steel model that is designed to work as a countertop unit straight out of the box, yet can be easily adapted to undersink use by buying and using a special kit. The ability to switch back and forth between countertop and undersink, in-line functionality might be useful to some people, and lets you test out which works better for you if you are uncertain which is more suited to your needs. 

The Aqua-Dome is plastic, unlike most of Multipure's countertop water filters. The white plastic has a cheerful, mild look, a bit less “serious” than the stainless steel of the Aquaversa. This device is also lighter weight, though it cannot be used for undersink filtration.


The Multipure Aquaversa Countertop Water Filter











The Aquaversa is a sturdy stainless steel cylinder filter in the tradition of other Multipure countertop water filters. It measures 9.4” tall and 6” in diameter, and weighs five pounds. As usual, it can be fitted to any standard faucet without the need for tools, though it may not work with some unusual faucets, such as extending types. 

The Multipure Aquaversa MP750SC countertop filter uses a hose and diverter valve when it is stationed on the countertop. This valve allows you to preserve the filter when it isn't needed, by switching over to unfiltered water. The cartridge's life is extended by only switching over to filtered water when it is required for safe drinking or cooking. 

This filter is not a “one-note” product, however. It is also designed to be used as an undersink fixture at your option. In this case, there are two ¼” pipe couplings where the input and output pipes or hoses can be attached. And, a mounting bracket enables it to be screwed onto the interior wall of the cabinet securely, keeping it out of harm's way. Alternately, you can just rest it on the cabinet's floor so that you can quickly switch back to using it as a countertop model. 

The filter comes with a designer faucet, too, which can optionally be used in place of your own hardware. The basic color is chrome, but other tints are also supplied as an option. 

The Aquaversa's technical characteristics and performance are quite respectable. Cartridges can each filter a total of 750 gallons – approximately one year's worth of filtered water at average rates of consumption – before they must be replaced. This rises to 1,200 gallons with the use of a capacity monitor kit (sold separately). Output is 0.75 gallons per minute at 60 psi, with the usual 30 psi to 100 psi operating range for Multipure countertop water filters. 


The Multipure Aqua-Dome Water Filter


The Multipure Aqua-Dome (MPAD) is an unusual specimen among Multipure countertop water filters, made out of white polypropylene plastic rather than stainless steel. It is lightweight at 2.9 pounds, and stands 9.5” high on its flared 5.15” base. Though the housing isn't metal, it still includes a lifetime warranty. The diverter valve that links it to your faucet is made of chrome-plated brass for extra durability, while the tubing is PVC. 

This is a good standard filter that reduces down to half-micron size, plus the usual lineup up chemicals, microorganisms, and carcinogens. It can handle up to 750 gallons before replacement is made and puts out ¾ of a gallon every minute at 60 psi. This is a fine example of Multipure countertop water filters and fulfills its function with aplomb while exuding a cleanly modern aesthetic.