The advantages of Multipure solid carbon block Water Filters

When water passes through ordinary granular carbon filters, its pressure can carve a groove or channel through the media, creating a “bypass” that contaminated water squirts through without being properly filtered.

Multipure's solid carbon blocks, however, are immovable – all water is forced through tiny, labyrinthine channels that cannot be forced larger unless the 100 psi upper operational limit is exceeded. These filters are engineered to protect you from arsenic, pesticides, and organic contaminants – and to do so thoroughly and reliably.

Multipure was founded in 1970 and has become the premier manufacturer of high quality water filters. They reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern and is the world largest manufacturer of compressed solid carbon block filters.

Multipure filters are certified by NSF for the reduction of a wide range of contaminants so when you purchase a Multipure filter you can have confidence that you are getting a water filter that does what they claim it will do.

Multipure has a 90 day money back guarantee and a life time warranty on all canisters and a one year warranty on all accessories such as hoses and attachments.

You will find countless manufacturers whom sell drinking water filters for the treatment of a variety of pollutants. However the majority of manufacturers produce systems which can eliminate chlorine out of water, only forty (40) of these manufacturers provide drinking water treatment devices that have been certified by NSF to decrease Trihalomethanes (a disinfection by-product recognized to cause cancer in humans as well as miscarriages) under NSF's Standard No. 53, Health Effects (August, 2010 Listings). 

And also, merely 5 companies provide systems certified by NSF to reduce PCBs. Multipure Water Filter Systems provides products certified to reduce MTBE, a gasoline additive labeled as a potential human carcinogen, which has been discovered within drinking water coast-to-coast.


Who uses Multipure water filters?


Multipure Water Filter Units can be found extensively accepted and utilized around the world by: hospitals, major universities and schools; laboratories; restaurants; the U.S. military; foreign embassies; major airlines; and even more importantly by more than two million consumers. Customer satisfaction as well as customers expressing just how good that they feel about the Multipure Water Filters with others continues to be the hallmark of Multipure's success.