Multipure drinking water filters are certified to provide excellent filtering

Using an NSF certified filter is important for those who need to have the most effective water filter on the market. Families with young children, the elderly or people suffering from pre-existing conditions may need extra protection against the harmful elements found in water. Not only are Multi Pure water filters certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), but they are one of the best-selling types of filter on the market. This means that those investing in them will have no complaints about the quality of the water they are drinking.


Because of the credentials of Multipure filters, they are perfect for use in municipal and public buildings where the health of the public is of importance. Many schools and even hospitals use them to make sure that they keep to their responsibilities of providing healthy and effective water filtering.


Since 1970, Multipure has been guided by brothers and founders, H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice, to provide cleaner, more healthful drinking water to the public. In 1974, they developed their signature technology, the solid carbon block filter; since then, the company has further grown and flourished, manufacturing and selling filters and drinking water systems for residential and commercial use around the world.

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